In early October, I returned to one of my favorite climbing areas in the world.  SWITZERLAND!  This place is truly on another level.  Scenery and rock quality are top notch.  More quality lines than I will ever know what to do with.  My visit to this bouldering paradise in 2010 ensured that I would return again.  But the last few weeks have ensured that I will be returning for years to come.  In terms of sending, this trip has been very successful for me so far.  Breaking into new realms in the world of bouldering for me.  The calmness and simplicity of life here is also something to be noted.  In some ways, I’m feeling more grounded than ever.  Please excuse the irony.

To fill the time between successes and failures on the rock, I’ve been shooting a ton of video and some photos.  I deeply enjoy this type of creative outlet.  I’ve never been a good artist (drawing, painting, etc.), but I have a lasting appreciation for the artistic aesthetics of the world.  A camera seems to be the easiest way for me to bring my own vision to light.  The footage from my time here will be featured in a new film released as an HD Download.  Keep an eye out!  I can guarantee high quality, entertaining, and inspiring climbing footage as well as an engaging story line.  Here’s some screens:

Heritage V14  - First Ascent

Heritage V14  - First Ascent

Vecchio Leone V13


New Base Line V14

Mystic Stylez V14

Practice Of The Wild V15

Practice Of The Wild V15 – Double Clutch to the Mail Slot

The rock of Brione

The Crack Line 8B – Chironico