Carlo Denali Traversi

Hailing from Santa Rosa, California; Carlo Traversi began rock climbing at the age of 14. The local gym, Vertex Climbing Center, became his second home in a matter of months and the supportive community of local climbers inspired him to perfect his abilities both on plastic and rock. Frequent trips to Bishop, Yosemite, and Lake Tahoe during his teenage years also played a huge role in sculpting the climber that he is today. Upon turning 18, Carlo ventured east to Boulder, Colorado where he established roots at the Spot Bouldering Gym, where he worked as the Head Route Setter, and within the highly motivated local community. Within the last five years, he has managed continued progress a climber, culminating with a spring 2011 ascent of The Game V15, considered to be one of the hardest boulder problems in the world. Today, Carlo spends as much time possible traveling and experiencing the world, climbing the hardest boulders, producing media, and teaching clinics for Professional Climbers International.

Birthday: June 5, 1988

Height: 5′ 7″

Weight: 135 lbs.

Ape Index: +3 inches

Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA

Currently Residing:  On The Road!



“Carlo embodies the modern bouldering ideal. He is well represented on the
professional competition circuit, is the head setter at one of Americas finest
bouldering gyms, and climbs as hard as anyone out there. The combination
of his video, photo, and networking skills with his ability to climb the hardest
boulder problems in the world makes him an asset to the community and
indispensable to his sponsors. Providing eager climbers with media and new
ideas is what Carlo excels at and there is no shortage of intensity and drive
from this aspiring individual. Carlo is the future of hard bouldering and the
face of modern competition climbing. Being driven to climb well is hardly
enough these days, its the combination of climbing skill and what you can
offer the community that makes Carlo stand out.”

Notable Sends (for the full tick list visit



The Game (2nd Ascent), Boulder Canyon, CO (video)

In Search Of Time Lost (3rd Ascent), Magic Wood, Switzerland

Practice Of The Wild, Magic Wood, Switzerland


Heritage (First Ascent), Val Bavona, Switzerland

Mystic Stylez (3rd Ascent), Magic Wood, Switzerland

New Base Line, Magic Wood, Switzerland

Paranormal Activity (2nd Ascent), Cape Town, South Africa

Mirta (2nd Ascent), Cape Town, South Africa

Memory Is Parallax, Estes Park, CO (video)

The Dagger, Cresciano, Switzerland

The Never Ending Story, Magic Wood, Switzerland (video)

Jade, RMNP, CO (video)

Aslan, RMNP, CO (video)


The Altruist, Flatirons, CO (First Ascent)

The Anti-Hero, HCR, Arkansas

Flux For Life, RMNP, CO (First Ascent)

General Disarray, Brione, Switzerland

Mithril, Cresciano, Switzerland

Boogalagga, Chironico, Switzerland

Amber, Brione, Switzerland

Steppenwolf, Magic Wood, Switzerland

The Riverbed, Magic Wood, Switzerland

The Exfoliator (3rd Ascent), Lincoln Lake, CO

Suspension Of Disbelief (4th Ascent), Eldorado Canyon, CO (video)

Circadian Rhythm, Poudre Canyon, CO

Black Lung, Joe’s Valley, UT (video)

The Buttermilker, Bishop, CA (video)

Masterpiece, Joe’s Valley, UT

Top Notch, RMNP, CO

Sunseeker, Mt. Evans, CO (video)

The Automator, RMNP, CO

Free Range, Boulder Canyon, CO (video)

Nuthin’ But Sunshine, RMNP, CO

Dark Waters, Clear Creek Canyon, CO


Evilution (4th Ascent, 1st Ground-Up), Bishop, CA

Trice (2nd Ascent, 30+ years after the 1st ascent by Jim Holloway), Flagstaff Mountain, CO