My first blog post is up on Deadpointmag and I encourage everyone to check it out. It includes a write-up of the World Cup from a competitor’s point of view, some photos from the event, and a nicely put together Women’s Qualifier video that was filmed and edited by Garrett Gregor with some help from me. I will continue to randomly post on this blog, but the majority of my content will be posted on the Deadpoint site for hopefully a larger audience. In time I will be getting rid of climbingbum in favor of which is currently in the works. My goal is to create a site that allows people to get to know me better, communicate with me easier, and hopefully be inspired to pursue the things they are truly passionate about. This game is my life, and I’m in this game for life.

On another note, I’ll be in Colorado for the summer and the fall is up in the air. Dolphin Tour 2009/2010 is looking promising, I’ll keep you updated.